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Social Fabric is a private community managed by Collective Bias, a leading shopper social media company. It’s a platform for micro-publishers passionate about building relationships and telling stories.

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  1. I’m a social fabric member living in Northern Illinois. For several years I have had a relationship with am Illinois based grocery store chain (not Mariano’s!). They follow my blog, makedinnereasy.com, and I’m on a first name basis with several of their store managers and members of their executive team. Their marketing VP saw the blueberry post I did for Mariano’s through you. They asked me to meet with their CEO and VP of Marketing, which I did today. During the meeting I introduced them to your company and the power of working with many bloggers. Although they have asked me to give them a proposal of what I may be able to provide for them, I think they might be interested in finding out more about your company. If you can provide me with a name and a contact person for Collective Bias/Social Fabric, I would be happy to include it in the proposal I provide to them.
    Crystal Maleski

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